Direct Payday lenders not matching services

Posted on June 12, 2009 
Filed Under General Debt, Payday Loans

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In today’s economy, we find people are now looking for ways to get money. Most people are relying on loans to support their families. But, what they aren’t noticing is that even those short payday loans are still costing them more than they need o pay for something. In the economy there are sort of two ways that you can get payday loans and they are by a direct payday lender or a matching service. Both of these are close to the same thing, but there are a couple of differences that separate the two.
One benefit of dealing with a direct lender is that you will know the person you are borrowing the money from. The direct lender funds the loan that is made, so there is no worry about where the money is actually coming from. The money that is being lent will come straight from someone’s account to another. Banks have the money to, but they are just taking the money from a huge credit line they have built up with all of the loans. Most of the time the customer is able to tell if they are dealing with a direct lender since the documents will be in the direct lender’s name.
Matching services are sort of similar to the direct lenders except they are mostly compiled based on the applicant who needs the loan. The applicant will fill out his or her information and then the service is able to connect them to a lender they think will most likely fit their needs. One benefit of the matching service is that the borrower won’t know the lender and the lender won’t know the borrower. This is good for confidential purposes and also the matching service will give the borrower better opportunities most likely. The matching service has a really good advantage, which is that it should increase the borrower’s chances of getting approved because the lender will fit the needs. Approval is a big problem that a lot of people face today and it would be nice to be assured that a borrower would get approved.


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